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When an unsuspecting gesture unfolds into a journey of serendipitous moments for Madison, it ultimately leads her to the self-empowerment she was looking for, the answers she didn’t know she needed and a love that she never thought she desired.


When she returns back to the quaint town of Westmont after her grandparents passing, Madison inherits a Happiness Jar that was left to her by her grandparents; Blanche and Howard. 

What is a Happiness Jar?

A Happiness Jar is a modern version of a journal… 

How it works?

Every day for a year you write down on a piece of paper/note what made you happy in that day. It can be something small from a delicious food, to a good school grade or first love. Then, when the year comes around,  you open the jar and read about all the wonderful things that happened! A collection of memories that spark sentiment…


The quaint notes left behind by her grandparents in this jar, lead her unknowingly to various places and people around Westmont that spark what she truly needs to find her own voice and self-empowermentin her personal relationships (love life) and career options. It’s as if her grandparents are guiding her even though they’re not there. (with her?)


The first local Madison meets is SHERIFF MORRIS when he’s writing up a ticket for her car that’s parked near a fire hydrant however in a turn of events, the Sheriff remembers Madison from when she used to summer at her grandparents and lets her off the hook. He directs her to visit the local general store where Madison meets KENNA. Kenna is a spirited girl who shows Madison small town hospitality and friendship instantly and invites her over to a bonfire and dinner that evening where she meets our stories two charming leading males, AXEL KEIGHLEY and PARSON YATES. Two very different young males, Axel is a hard-working soul of the land, gallant and sweet and aspires to be a journalist and Parson is choosing to defy his family’s high profile in town and showcases a romantic and grounded persona. Who will she ultimately choose? Or will fate choose for her?


As Madison continues to follow the notes, she ventures out to explore Maple Lane Park, however whilst riding on her bike there, she passes Mr. Sullivan’s yard sale and ultimately makes a sincere friend and mentor in MR.SULLIVAN in her childhood passion for photography. Could photography be her new chosen career path? 


Balancing her life choices of career and love life Madison unknowingly finds strength in her choices, leading her to college in New York City to follow her dream of being a professional photographer and she begins her very own Happiness Jar in NYC… and thus, the story continues!