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Target Audience/Demographic?

Acceptable for family viewing and Young Adult


Why will an audience choose your film over another?

Relatability. It's an inspiring and motivating break from life and other more serious or dark-themed shows/films. New concept - not seen before. Innovative, engaging and sparks conversation.


Why will they care? Is there anything like it on TV, Film, Online etc.?

No there isn’t anything like this concept/storyline currently on TV, film, gaming etc. It doesn’t mirror or reboot cliché storylines however romance and life choices is in every form of media and entertainment. It has a feel of the sisterhood of the traveling pants, in the sense of, how a Happiness Jar can affect continuously various lives with ongoing storylines and character arch’s.


Why will this film be successful?

We believe it will be successful for a few of the following reasons…


For a few weeks, Chrys has been running a virtual Happiness Jar among her followers and fans via her Instagram profile/stories. Interactive and engaging, she’s experienced an influx of positive response and involvement.


Happiness Jar Going Viral:

Recently a woman from the UK’s Happiness Jar went viral! Another example of how people love the idea and message behind this concept and cute notion. Also demonstrates marketplace success and commerciality. 


Marketplace Success Comparison:

A genre and commercial comparison of similar concept is The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. This sparked marketing, brand deals/advertising and success on a worldwide scale. They had the pants, we have the happiness jar



Brand Opportunities for Advertisers? 

Madison and the Happiness Jar (MATHJ) allows for brand opportunities, product placement and partnerships, from; camera’s  for Madison’s photography to wardrobe/styling, to food and to vehicle(s).

Also potential for stationery and Happiness Jar kits available through retailers.

There is no safety concerns of nudity, language, drugs or abuse for brands/audience.

Sequel/Spin-Off Potential?

Yes! MATHJ is definitely a story that can continue entertaining and inspiring others through screen and published platforms. Would be happy to discuss the drafted concepts for sequels and spin-offs further